The Eye Of The Ocean

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Custom Playing Cards, Novel, Puzzle. Join this archaeo-fantasy adventure in the age of sails and find the Eye of the Ocean. Welcome to 1776 A.D. This is an archaeo-fantasy adventure from the age of sails taking place in Europe and Atlantic Ocean. Join the crew of Cpt. Solveig Hellström to find the mysterious Eye of the Ocean: an ancient sailing island guardian of the seven seas.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

5 days ago – Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 02:19:44 AM

Hello! All surveys sent!

The smoke test went well, no issues reported.

I pushed the button and you should have received the survey email, this one:

survey email

The email address the survey is sent matches the one of your kickstarter account. You do not need to create an account on Backerkit, just pretend you are on Kickstarter.

Always check spam/junk/promo folders

  •  From:The Eye of the Ocean 
  •  Subject:Response Needed -- Get your reward for The Eye Of The Ocean 

E-mail not received or lost? click here 

Or just a couple of hours, backerkit is sending 2200 emails and it might take some time.

What you can do

  • upgrade your reward tier (be aware, if you do this you cannot go back)
  • answer to a question
  • specify if your Solis and/or Lunæ decks are gilded and numbered (for any reward tier)
  • specify the configuration of the added decks in bundles (trio, half brick, brick) and decide if you want the Lunæ and Solis decks all regular, all gilded, or half and half.
  • specify what uncut sheet you want (if you have/added one or more)
  • Add extra items at kickstarter prices
  • Fix the payment if it did not work through kickstarter
  • Enter the shipping address, which can be updated later just before shipping time

A note about the shipping address

You will enter your shipping address and it can be modified/updated any time before shipping.

The shipping address is not locked at the moment, so you can come back and change it if you need to.

A few days before shipping you will get another email as reminder and you will be able to update the address or just leave it as it is.

Do not get confused with the pre-order page

The pre-order page is created for late backers, meaning that they are not backers of the kickstarter campaign, just people who missed the campaign.

NOT for you if you are reading this. The price structure is different, there are not the same bundles as Kickstarter, no gifts assigned, etc.

If Kickstarter kicked you out, DO NOT pre-order from there, stick to the survey you received.

Please complete the survey ASAP

I just want to get started as soon as possible and I need a realistic count of the decks and the items. 

The count of the items depends by the % of completed surveys. 

If I do not have a realistic count I cannot place the order = project delayed.

Credit Cards charged in July

If you add extra items, be aware that the cards will be charged around the end of July.

It works like kickstarter: you enter your credit card credentials and the card is charged later.

I do not have access to credit cards info, it is something managed by the platform. I just push a button when the time comes.

What's next

I am working on the final files and I would like to place the order by the end of the month.

That's all for now, I hope everything is clear.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete the survey

have a great day


Surveys: Smoke Test 5% | See Astra Polaris uncut
6 days ago – Tue, Jun 15, 2021 at 10:25:18 PM

Hi all!

Today we start with the surveys, but I have to run a test called smoke test. 

This means that only 5% of the backers will get the survey email and they are picked randomly by the system.

If you do not get any survey email, it is because you are not in this 5%.

What is the Smoke Test

Just a way to check if everything works well and correctly structured.

This test group does not have any other privilege other than getting the survey before the others.

No extra limited decks available. Only those added during kickstarter as they already are locked in place.

Survey e-mail

Sent to the email address you used for kickstarter, always check spam/junk folder.

Remember, it does not come from KICKSTARTER, it comes from BACKERKIT, and it looks like this:

survey email

What you can do as soon you push that button

  • upgrade your reward tier (be aware, if you do this you cannot go back)
  • answer to a question
  • specify if your Solis and/or Lunæ decks are gilded and numbered (for any reward tier)
  • specify the configuration of the added decks in bundles (trio, half brick, brick) and decide if you want the Lunæ and Solis decks all regular, all gilded, or half and half.
  • specify what uncut sheet you want
  • Add extra items at kickstarter prices
  • Fix the payment if it did not work on kickstarter
  • Enter the shipping address, which can be updated later just before shipping time

A note about the first question

This is the question that everybody get. Actually it is not a question, but it explains a couple of concepts:

"If you purchased add-ons through Kickstarter, these items will automatically be added to your cart and can be seen in the add-on section of your survey.
If you purchased a gilded+numbered upgrade during the Kickstarter campaign, you will have extra funds in your BackerKit survey to select while answering your reward pledge questions."

Many add-ons are already in the cart, so those add-ons do not need any action. However, there are items that need to be configured/upgraded; you will see the extra funds available for that purpose.

the first question

Astra Polaris Uncut Sheet Layout

As you know I cannot show the layout of the Solis and Lunæ uncut sheets because the uncut sheet is a jigsaw puzzle within the main puzzle.

However, I can show Astra Polaris which is quite different.


  • Background: Skychart instead of map
  • 56th and 57th card in the middle: Ink drawing of Triton's Iris 
  • Cards position
Astra Polaris uncut sheet layout

I hope this smoke test goes well and fast, the sooner the surveys are completed, the sooner I get to know how many decks I have to order, the sooner production starts.

Stay tuned!



Funds and Surveys
8 days ago – Mon, Jun 14, 2021 at 01:09:58 AM

Hi all!

This update is just to touch base and keep you posted about this period of 2 weeks where nothing really happens. I am working on the Surveys and the final files.

In this update:

  • Funds
  • Surveys, the important part


They should arrive next friday or during week 24 (21-27 June). There are approximately 67 backers that have been kicked out from Kickstarter because their payments failed (a total of approximately €10.000 missing), but hopefully the majority will jump back onboard via Backerkit when they complete the survey.

Then another 8%  (approx. €25.500) disappears in fees to Kickstarter and Credit Card transactions fees.

These numbers are just to tell what is going on behind the scenes.

Surveys, the important part

In a few days you will receive a mail from BACKERKIT that looks like this:

survey email

What you will able to do:

When you get that mail,  you will:

  • specify the items you added
  • specify what decks will be gilded
  • add extra items at the same prices offered on kickstarter 
  • enter the shipping address (even if it is temporary)
  • fix the payment and be back onboard

The survey mail will be sent to the email address you used on kickstarter.

Deadline: 25th of June

For that date I'd like to get a realistic count and initiate the order. 

You do not get the survey email today or tomorrow, just wait for the next update.

What is Backerkit?

Backerkit is a platform designed to manage backers, production, and fulfillment. It mirrors kickstarter so all the information you provided to Kickstater (except credit card credentials) will be mirrored and re-organized in a better way.

The survey will work like an online store, it is easy to follow and complete. 

Why is the survey important?

I need to count a relatively precise number of items and decks that I have to order. The sooner, the better. Production will start once I can submit an order, and to do that I need to know the quantities.


A little shoutout to Just Playing Cards who is running a kickstarter campaign with a custom deck: The Horsemen deck is a beautifully pencil drawn set of 56 playing cards, based on original pencil drawings by the accomplished Russian artist Maria Schatten. Cards printed by Cartamundi in Belgium, tucks by Boschiero & Newton in Italy.

Campaign page here, funded and with 23 days to go

Horsemen overview

That's all for now. 

Just stay tuned and wait for the next update with detailed instructions about the surveys.

Thank you again for being onboard!

Cheers :)



Follow up Stockholm17 Playing Cards on social media:

Huge Thank you for this awesome journey
16 days ago – Sun, Jun 06, 2021 at 12:12:14 PM


Dear passengers of The Intrepid, YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you for this amazing 27 day journey, it was a success.  

Oh, wait a second! let me write the final entry in the logbook before I explain what's next.


You can see our Boatswain Mr. Bruno Campbell reaching the land to arrange the docking of The Intrepid.

Boatswain Mr. Bruno Campbell

We had a couple of days filled with drama and rage-quitters mostly because a very few backers did not agree with the way the Signature Edition was released or just because they did not read the updates and they missed it. Those spontaneously walked the plank.

What's next

We have to wait 2 weeks before something happens. Kickstarter takes 2 weeks to arrange the transfer of the funds.

This is the plan

  • 2 weeks of waiting, I will write an update after a week just to keep you posted
  • surveys for kickstarter backers
  • count and order of the items
  • production starts

Failed payments

It always happens. Often credit cards flag payments in a different currency as suspicious, and the bank blocks the payment.

If the pledge is honored, you get a confirmation mail. 

If not,  Kickstarter will help you with an email saying that the pledge was not collected and will guide you. 

You have one week to fix it. If Kickstarter does not collect the pledge in this time window, it will kick you out from the project.


I will use a tool called BACKERKIT and the backers with failed payments can fix it during the survey in mid June. 

When you will complete the survey you will be able to do the following

  • specify all the upgrades you did
  • add items or upgrades that you could not add during the campaign (same add-ons, same prices)
  • enter a temporary shipping address
  • fix the payment if it did not work with kickstarter

More instructions will be provided when the time comes.

Backerkit Pre-Order Store, not for Kickstarter backers

Backerkit allows me to open a pre-order shop that will be online for another month or so. It is not for you, do not buy from there. You stick to the surveys only. ok?

Thi is a pre-order store hosted by Backerkit with kickstarter prices, but without deals, perks and gifts. Also, the shipping fee is calculated on the weight; if someone just buys one sticker, he/she will have to pay €5 for the shipping (base shipping fee anywhere, US and DE included).

As said, disregard this pre-order store unless you have a friend who is late and missed the campaign.

The button to this pre-order store can be fund on the campaign page.

500 Trees Planted

Maybe you saw the Environmental Commitment part at the bottom of the campaign page; as compensation for the paper that is going to be used to print the  books and the cards I donated $500 to with this campaign.


That's all for now, I will reply to all your emails and comments soon, I just need a good ale and one hour without a screen in front of my face lol



And remember that  you can follow up Stockholm17 Playing Cards on social media:

Final days: The Big Resume
20 days ago – Wed, Jun 02, 2021 at 03:12:47 AM

Hi all!

First of all, welcome to the new backers! Thank you for backing, and thank you to everybody onboard. We will dock in a few days for supplies, and after 2 weeks we set sails for the 2nd destination (read: production and delivery).

This is a big resume that hopefully will give you a clear overview of the stretch goals, achievements, add ons, etc, more or less in a chronological order.

In this update:

  • 1. Gilding upgrade for Solis & Lunæ
  • 2. The coin
  • 3. Bookmark and dip pen
  • 4. Quartermaster mini-deck
  • 5. Wooden box in solid walnut for 6 decks
  • 6. Astra Polaris Signature Edition
  • 7. Ship Badge, Stickers and gifts distribution
  • 8. Uncut Sheets and cards
  • 9. How to add items and/or do the upgrades(video tutorial, no more math)
  • 10. Backerkit (surveys and backer management)

1. Gilding upgrade for Solis & Lunæ

It is possible to upgrade the Solis and Lunæ decks of your actual reward. 

  • All the gilded Solis  and Lunæ will get a numbered seal (It is not a real seal because it is not sealing the opening, call it sticker if you want)
  • I cannot estimate precisely the number, but I think they will be around 800 units each. 
  • You can also add gilded decks instead of doing the upgrade.
  • The gilded&numbered decks are available only via kickstarter and Backerkit.
gilded Solis & Lunæ with numbered "seal" (placeholder number)

2. The coin

Quite a special coin because it features a side in polished gold (sun/solis), and the other one in polished silver (moon/lunæ).

  • Diameter: 38mm
  • Thickness: 3mm

Available as add-on in the add-on list.

3. Bookmark and dip pen

Every single book will automatically include the bookmark and the dip pen with black feather.

  •  Bookmark: printed with silver and gold ink on cotton paper with letterpress, with signature and XVII stamp in red ink on the back. It will help to keep track of the puzzle
  •  Dip Pen with black feather: with pointy round nib that can be replaced with your favourite one. Approx 20cm long.

Both are add-ons as well.

Bookmark design
dip pen

4. Quartermaster mini-deck

The quartermaster mini-deck has been released as add-on. It is a mini deck with 54 cards half the size of a regular deck (not in thickness of course).

The Quartermaster mini deck is not numbered as the poker size Quartermaster.

Available as add-on.

Quartermaster mini-deck

5. Wooden box in solid walnut for 6 decks

This exquisite wooden box in solid walnut is available as add-on. I received the prototype a couple of days ago and it just needs a couple of dimensional tweaks, but it will look exactly as the one in the video.

A metal XVII sigil will be applied on the front (as shown in the picture)

wooden box specs

6. Astra Polaris Signature Edition

The 27th of May it was possible to add the Signature Edition and backer had 12 hours of time to add it. 

It is no longer available in the add-on list (sold-out)

I estimate around 550 decks added, but I will know the precise count after the campaign if Kickstarter gives me the numbers.

I am investigating the chance of a 2nd release in limited supply (+30 units) via Backerkit for backers that missed the opportunity. This might happen IF and ONLY IF Backerkit guarantees that it can be added only by the backers who missed the opportunity.

This deck is a regular Astra Polaris with a number seal and the signature.

Astra Polaris Signature Edition

7. Ship Badge, Stickers and gifts distribution

A vinyl sticker depicting the Spade Island and the Intrepid Ship Badge Enamel Pin have been distributed to all backers according to the reward tier they belong to.

These are available as add-on as well.

  • Sticker: 63x84mm
  • Ship Badge Pin: 43x50mm, 3 colors
sticker and pin

Also, mini decks and coins have been assigned to specific reward tiers.

Here is how gifts are distributed:

see update #12 for more details

 8. Uncut Sheets and cards

I never showed how the uncut sheets look because they will reveal the position of the cards to compose the map, therefore ruining a step of the puzzle.

I will only explain the difference between Solis & Lunæ VS Astra Polaris uncut sheets.

The differences:

  •  Background: Map for Solis & Lunæ, sky chart for Astra Polaris
  •  Cards Layout: Solis and Lunæ different from Astra Polaris

You do not need Astra Polaris variant for the puzzle.

If interested to the puzzle you will need the book and the 2 decks Solis & Lunæ (see Puzzle Master reward tier).

If you added and uncut sheet it will be a little faster (not easier) to solve the puzzle, if not you can compose the map with the decks.

Left: Solis&Lunæ background (placeholder map). Right: Astra Polaris Sky Chart background

The other side of the uncut sheet shows the back design of the cards, therefore a grid 7x8 with 56 cards and the foil application as designed.

Solis (gold+blue), Astra Polaris (gold+black), Lunæ (silver+teal)

9. How to add items

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you upgrade decks or add items using the add-on tool.

In the old days you needed to do the math and change the total pledged amount. It is no more like that. Please watch this 2 minutes video tutorial if you are doubtful.

10. Backerkit 

Backerkit is a backer management platform/tool connected to kickstarter. 

I will use this tool for the following things:

  • prepare the surveys
  • allow you to complete the payment if it did not work on kickstarter
  • allow you to specify what you added in a clear and simple way (survey)
  • allow you to add more items as well
  • count the items I have to produce
  • collect the shipping addresses
  • general backer management during surveys and fulfillment

Two weeks after the end of the campaign you will receive a mail from me (via Backerkit) to the email address that you use for your kickstarter account.

More info will be given when the time comes, around mid June.

That's all folk! final 3 days, thank you so much for being onboard. 

We are now navigating in calm waters and I cannot wait to dock and start the 2nd part of the journey: production.

Any question, do not hesitate to ask (check FAQs as well)

Stay tuned!